Message in a bottle Successful Direct Mail

By Jay Rice
Managing Director of Rice Camera

“Hey, this is Jay Rice. I just want to say that I’ve used this and it’s a really great tool. These days’ people are inundated by e-mail, and a lot of times they just don’t respond. So you can try leaving voice-mail, you can try lots of e-mail, and we’ve got a lot of people who actually were selling to the government in large customers and they’re behind a firewall, and they just shush you out sometimes in a competitive situation. 

So you know, I’ve sent this message in a bottle, and I’ve found that you could put something really clever in here, like one thing I use is, “we’ve tried all the forms of modern communication, couldn’t get a hold of you so we finally tried something old fashioned.” And you know, it really works, I mean people respond to it. Especially if you put an honest, genuine message in there that you’re trying to reach somebody because you’re trying to help them. We found that it works, and you know these guys really help us to choose the best mail pieces, so this one is definitely a winner for us. So go with it.”

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