Olympic “Winner” Gold Medal

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Olympians Shouldn’t be the Only Ones to Get Gold Medals This Summer.

Olympians Shouldn’t be the Only Ones to Get Gold Medals This Winter.

Sample Headlines

I love using current events with my direct mail.  And with the Summer and Winter Olympic Games being held every two years, this is a great direct mail piece to cut the clutter and increase your response rates! Using current events in your marketing is a sure-fire way to increase response.  You typically need to move quickly on news items as they come and go quickly.  However, with yearly (or in this case, semi-yearly) events you know about them well in advance and should capitalize on them.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

““Olympians Shouldn’t be the Only
Ones to Get Gold Medals This Summer.”

As one of our premier clients you’ll get our most
amazing opportunity of the year.

Dear <<First Name>>,

I can hear it now as I retreat to my basement each night on a warm, muggy summer night.  The beating drums, following by the blaring horns, and that unmistakably Olympic theme song.  My wife insists on gymnastics, but I prefer track and field and swimming.  Either way you know we’ll be riveted to our TV screens as this month’s Olympics unfold.  I’m sure you will be, too.

But why should all the glory, and more importantly, those coveted gold medals go to those we see on TV?  Don’t you deserve your own gold medal this summer?  I sure think so.  And that’s why I sent you your very own gold medal.  O.K. it may not be as fancy as the one of the 302 gold medals that will be awarded this month and I knew I had to do something creative to get your attention.  I thought with the Olympics in full force this month, the gold medal was especially appropriate.

In the spirit of the Olympics we’ll
Donate 10% of all sales to the local
Special Olympics Foundation

As one of my premier clients I want to give you the opportunity to take part in our biggest <<discounts/savings>> of the year.  In honor the Olympics, and only until the closing ceremonies on August 12, 2012, we’re offering Gold Medal savings of <<Go into your offer of savings, discounts, bundled products etc>>.

Yours in the Olympics Spirit,
Your Signature
Your Name

P.S.  10% of all our sales will go towards the local Special Olympics Foundation.  Just <<call, vist, go online>> to get your <<offer, special, discount>>

P.P.S.  As our “Gold Medal” premier clients, you’re getting this amazing opportunity.  But remember, this is only good until the closing ceremonies on August 12, 2012.

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