Protect Your Assets With an Armed Guard

"So Authentic and Genuine, You'll Need a Real Armed Guard to _______!"

"The Money Will Start Pouring in So Fast, You'll Need and Armed Guard Escort Just to Get to Your Bank!"

Sample Headlines

Protect your investments!  Protect your assets!  Protect everything like a well armed army.  Do you host “Boot Camps?”  This is a great piece especially when you use the “army” theme throughout your campaign.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“The Money Will Start Pour in So Fast,

You’ll Need an Armed Guard Escort
Just to get it all to the Bank”

Dear [personalized],

Have you ever been to a casino the night someone really hit it big?  They cash in their chips, and two burley, barrel chested security guards escort the guest to their hotel room, limo or wherever else they may headed.  I’m sure you thought to yourself, “WOW!  How cool is that to have your own armed guard!”

Well, you can, and you don’t need to risk all your money in Vegas either.

What is this and why should you care?

This is important to you because it will put more money in your pockets each month, and I guarantee it.  However, this is not some “get rich” scheme.  Its not snake oil, or voodoo.  What I’m going to show will require some effort on your part.  But once I reveal to you the strategies I’ve learned and how they will easily and quickly fit into your business, you’d be crazy not to try it.

Here’s is what my <<offer>> includes:


  1. <<Enter detailed benefit to prospect here>>
  2. <<Enter detailed benefit to prospect here>>
  3. <<Enter detailed benefit to prospect here>>

You may still have a few concerns so let me address them.

Worried about cost?  Let me start by telling you I might not be the cheapest [your niche] in town. But do you really think that working with the cheapest [your niche] would be the most suitable and smartest option for achieving your long-term goals?  Of course not. You wouldn't get the value you need.

You’re also probably wondering who I am and why I’m writing you today.

<<insert your story here>>

<<insert your story here>>

<<insert your story here>>

<<insert your story here>>

Remember, I’m only offering <<insert offer>> this until <insert deadline>>, along with your <<insert free gift offer>>.


Your Name

P.S.  I have attached some of the feedback I’ve received from clients just like you who have had great success with my program.  Please take a moment to read through them.  Feel free to contact them if you choose.  I am that confident in my program.

P.P.S. I can only take <insert a number here>> new clients this month, and the free gift offer is only good until <<deadline>>.  I full expect to be full before then, so check out some of my clients and call TODAY.



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