Give Your Direct Mail a “BANG” This 4th Of July!

By Travis Lee
Pocket constitution

The Pocket Constitution is a great way to cut the clutter this July.

Do you want to use this same “Pocket Constitution” for your July newsletter or next direct mail piece?  Well now’s your chance.  This 3D Mail piece is sure to cut the clutter and gain attention during the busy summer months.

Our long-time readers will instantly recognize The Pocket Constitution from June of 2013 when I originally thought of this idea for the 4th of July celebration.

Many of our clients used this idea then, and the feedback I received was nothing short of amazing.  I’d be crazy not  include it this month.

But beyond my personal preference, the holidays give you a great reason to contact your clients or prospects with a special offer.

People always respond better to what’s on their mind, and when holidays come, especially the “biggies,” you’re wise to use them to you advantage.

We’ve discussed the Robert Collier Principle in great detail in other newsletters, but suffice to say, “you want to enter the conversation already happening in someone’s mind.”  In other words, They’re already thinking of the approaching holiday, so you may as well be a part of that conversation.

Holiday promotions are also great for unconverted leads.  Here’s a tip from my mentor and friend, Bill Glazer, in his book Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful:

Unconverted leads are those people who have requested information from you in the past but have not yet purchased.  A holiday is a great time to reach out to these people again because it gives you a “reason why.”  One of the things that Dan Kennedy always teaches is there is money to be gotten from people who have expressed interest in the past but have not bought yet.

For more on Bill Glazer, visit

Here are two more ideas to increase the response of your holiday campaign.  First, create a dedicated “holiday page”

pocket-Constitution front and back

This image shows the front (right) and back (left) covers of the Pocket Constitution.

or a dedicated pages on your website just for the specific campaign. People don’t want to work to find what they want – and may not even know you have something special to offer for the holidays.

Second, use holiday themed emails to complement and reinforce your direct mail campaign.

And if you think this can only work in the consumer world, you’re very much mistaken.

I’ve seen holiday marketing campaigns work in the B2B distribution world, industrial sales, “doctor to doctor” marketing (to generate referrals from one doc to another), information marketing… the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is, don’t get trapped thinking that your business is different.

Next, we’re going to briefly talk about one of my favorite topics and strategies in marketing.

It’s the Robert Collier principle.

Robert Collier was a famous copywriter and author who said you want to enter to conversation already going on in your client or prospects head.


Using current events, holidays and borrowing from celebrity is a great way to do this.

To steal a line from a political newscaster, “Which of these stories will they be talking about tomorrow?”


Current events are relatively easy, but you usually need to act quickly. Even big stories have a relatively short shelf life.


As I write this the 4th of July is approaching and the summer travel season, there’s a drought in California and floods in Texas, and everybody seems to know about the Duggar’s and their 19 kids and their pending legal trouble.

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