Pocket Constitution

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If The IRS Has Levied a Lien Against Your Propriety, You Have Specific Rights Under Federal Protection.

July 4th is Independence Day and We're Celebrating

Get Your Independence From _____________________

Celebrate Your Independence!

Sample Headlines

6.5″ high, 3.25″ wide.  Fits easily into a regular #10 envelope. Do you want to use this same “Pocket Constitution” for your July newsletter or next direct mail piece?  Well now’s your chance.  This 3D Mail piece is sure to cut the clutter and get you attention during the busy summer months. But beyond my personal preference, the holidays give you a great reason to contact your clients or prospects with a special offer. People always respond better to what’s on their mind, and when holidays come, especially the “biggies,” you’re wise to use them to you advantage.  We’ve discussed the Robert Collier (a pioneer in direct response marketing) Principle in great, great detail in other newsletters, but suffice to say, “you want to enter the conversation already happening in someone’s mind.”  In other words, they’re already thinking of the approaching holiday, so you may as well be a part of that thinking. And if you think this can only work in the consumer world, you’re very much mistaken.  I’ve seen holiday marketing campaigns work in the B2B distribution world, industrial sales, “doctor to doctor” marketing (to generate referrals from one doc to another), and information marketing… the list goes on and on.  The bottom line is, don’t get trapped in the “My business is different” thinking.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

July 4th is Independence Day

Get Your Independence From <<high fees, bad service, poor sales etc>>

Dear <Name>,

As a <<parent, business owner, etc>> you prepare every day as best you can every day.

The difference between average and exceptional is in the details.  When you’re looking for excellence in [your niche], you need to know the small secrets of [your niche] make all the difference in your business.  Here’s a list of questions you must ask yourself.  Do you know the answers??

  1. [Quesiton #1]
  2. [Quesiton #1]
  3. [Quesiton #1]
  4. [Quesiton #1]

About now you’re probably asking yourself why in the world I am sending you this letter.  It’s really very simple.  Once you know about us and [what you offer]… and once you talk with one of our team members at the show and find out that each and every one is totally committed to Make-You-Happy, you’ll want to become a lifetime friend and client.

[Your Company] is the Answer for all Your [Your solution] Service --- Selection --- Price

[prospects] like you have been getting their [your product or service] from us for XX years.  Here’s just 3 reasons why they keep coming back.

  1. Get Everything You Need for [insurance, productivity, computer solutions etc]:  You’ll save time and money when you make one call to get all of your [everything you offer to make it easy for them to do business with you].
  2. You Get Exceptional Client Service: [add more copy to add to your great service]
  3. [add you 3rd benefit of doing business with you here]:  [add copy to reinforce your 3rd benefit]

You have absolutely no risk.

There is an enormous cost if you don’t act now.  Its’ called “The Cost of Waiting.”  The longer you delay, the worse your problem can become.  But if you pick up the phone right now and call 1-800-XXX-XXXX, you can learn the solution to [your problem] before its too late.

Get your NO RISK OR OBLIGATION information kit today.  What do you have to lose?  No one will answer the phone and no salesman will call you (unless you leave a message telling us to!)  Get your independence today.

Call Right Now - <<phone>>“NO-Strings Attached FREE OFFER!”

Take advantage of our celebration of Independence Day FREE trial right now.  You will receive:

FREE CONSULTATION ($249.00 value.) – Insert details here

That’s a $XXX.XX value for FREE.

Travis Lee

P.S. The free trial offer expires this Friday!

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