Small Plastic American Flag

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July 4th is Independence Day and We're Celebrating

June 14th is Flag Day and We're Celebrating!

Sample Headlines

This is a great piece to utilize for Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day or Veterans Day.  The magnet itself is really nice and I’ve put it on my refrigerator at home. Here are a few ideas in using this item:
  • Send to cold list and tell them they’ve been randomly. selected to receive the their free gifts this month in honor of flag day.
  • Send to current clients to up-sell/cross sell items as a lucky winner this month
  • Send to unconverted leads as a lucky winner for those who haven’t yet ordered.
  • Tell them you’ve sent this letter to 20 other people in your industry, they are listed below, and that you can only work with one of you.  Contact me now before you competition does!

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

June 14 is Flag Dayand We’re Celebrating the Grand Old Flag all Month Long with a Free Full Service Oil Change!  And a FREE Gift Worth $20.00 For You!

Dear First Name,

You need to be asking yourself what’s this all about, a free full service oil change and free gift worth $20.00?  What’s that all about?  If you’re like me, your mother told you when something sounds too good to be true you better put your guard up.  You have to know that no one just gives you a Full Service Oil Change & Lube for FREE, let alone provide you with your choice of a gift worth about $20.00.  So I’ll tell you right now why I want to give you a full service oil change and free gift
You might know about us up here at [Your Business Name] and you’ve talked to any of our customers I’m darned sure you hear good things about us.  I’m really proud of our entire crew and the work we do.
But again, momma didn’t raise no dummy right?

When something sounds too good to be true you need to ask, “What’s the Catch”.  Well, I really am going to give you a free full service oil change and lube, and I want to give you your choice of a free gift worth about $20.00 and here’s why…

Actually, it’s real simple.  Can you imagine how much it costs me to get a new customer?  Just think, I need to advertise here and there and everywhere.  And you know that most of that advertising goes right past the people I want to see it.  So I figured this letter with the cool flag magnet would catch your attention right away, and I wouldn’t have to spend all that money on advertising that people don’t even see, and I would pass the savings on to you with a free full service oil change and free gift and once you experience our service you’ll become a life-time friend and customer.

Here’s what you’ll get with you FREE Full Service Oil Change & Lube:

  • Oil (Up to 5 quarts)
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Lubricate Door Hinges
  • Top off Brake Fluid
  • Top off Steering Fluid
  • Top off Transmission Fluid
  • Top off Differential Fluid
  • Fill Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Wash exterior Windows
  • Clean Wiper Blades
  • Wash Interior Windows
  • Wipe Down Dash and Console
  • Vacuum Interior

And you can choose any one of these free gifts

Choose 1 of These Free Gifts When You Claim Your Free Full Service Lube & Oil Change Before [exp date]
Even if you just had your oil changed, call now and we’ll be sure your next one is free and we’ll put aside your gift for you.

But you must call before [exp date]

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