The Grandma Test?

By Keith Lee

This week’s Marketing Tip of the Week is from Jeffrey Gitomer’s book, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless.  I absolutely love Jeffrey’s book.  It’s one of my favorite 5 customer service books.

Here’s a sure-fire way to determine how “what you say” will sound to the customer before you say it… a way to “test your talk” so to speak.



Every time you speak to a customer, end it with “Grandma” -­ if it sounds like something you would say to your grandmother or your grandmother would want to hear, then say it. If not, don’t.  How would this sound?

We’re closed, Grandma.
Next! Grandma.
What is this in reference to Grandma?
It’s our policy, Grandma.

This is the best real-world self-test I’ve ever found.  If you wouldn’t say it to your grandma, why would you say it to your customer? There are lots of phrases you use everyday that irritate customers, and you have no clue until you insert “Grandma” at the end.

Take the five phrases you say all the time and add “Grandma” to the end.  How do they sound?  Now call your grandmother and run a few by her.

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Remember, Only Happy Clients Come Back.  
Keith Lee

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