The X-Ray Direct Mail Piece

By Dan Cricks

“Hi, my name is Dan Cricks and I’m with Results Marketing. I’m a guru to the auto repair niche. I do a lot of marketing, especially for my events; live events that I hold every year. I’m going out to a group that a lot of times are very hard to get their attention. One of the things that I’ve used from 3-D Mail that really works well for me is this “X-Ray Mailer.” And when I send this out, I always get people. They call me up, send me an e-mail, respond somehow that they got it, how cool they thought it was, and that it got their attention. And that’s the big thing, if I can get them to read it, and I get them engaged; and this is a great engagement tool. They smile, they respond, and they have a positive reaction.”

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