Stretchy $100 Bills for Great Direct Mail

By Travis Lee

I love this new item for quite a few reasons.  First, it’s money, and who doesn’t love money!  Most people have an immediate positive reaction to money, even if it’s fake, like the stretchy $100 bill.  Second, the bill only adds $0.21 to your mailing, making the postage rate extremely reasonable, especially if you want to mail it at pre-sort postage rates.   And last, it’s just flat out fun.  Only the biggest stick in the mud won’t laugh and play with the bill.  If you save your clients money in any way, then this is a piece you must test.

Plus, I’ve found that mailing items like these have a “stick around” effect.  It sits on the prospects desk for a few days, they may show somebody else in their home or office, and, often, then end up coming home and given to the kids or grandkids, sticking around for weeks, months or even years!

There are two important items in the letter that I want to address.  I often hear from clients that, if they send items like this, their prospects or clients won’t take them seriously.  However, there is a line of copy that I use time and time again in my letters and it always diffuses the issue.  Here it is (the bold is mine to bring it to your attention):

Go ahead; take the $100 bill out of the bag it came in.  Pull it, stretch it.  Have some fun.  We could all use more laughter in our lives.  Not everything has to be so serious.

However, let me assure you that when it comes to saving my clients up to 40% on their phone system and long distance calls, I’m all business.

Second, you’ll notice the letter is a pure lead generation offer.  No money is changing hands, no appointment is sought; we’re simply offering a package of information.  In exchange all we want is the person’s contact information so we can continue to follow-up and spend our time and money on only those who are interested in our offer.   The flip side, and what most “traditional” advertising agencies use is “buy now” offer, where the only thing we want them to do is buy what we’re offering right now.  For my money, lead generation marketing to a prospect list is the way to go.

The letter written in this month’s sample was created by Travis for a B2B phone company.  I’ve also included a B2C version on this months Swipe File CD, a letter written for a dentist.  The B2B sample shown is a lead generation letter, while the dentist letter is a version written to target current and former patients with a “buy now” offer.  This way you can see both sides of the coin, using a similar letter and the same 3D Mail insert.  With both these examples it should be very easy to see the possibilities with your business, regardless of what you sell.

A one page letter with the stretchy $100 bill is 1.8 oz, making the 1st class postage $0.71,  add $0.21 for each additional ounce. You can get that number down 25-50% if you’re sending pre-sort standard (a.k.a. bulk) or pre-sort first class and sending at least 500 pieces.

Get the Stretchy $100 Bill for 15% off. Call (888) 250-1834 or use promo code STRETCH when you check out here. I’ve created two sales letter templates you can use. Download them below in PDF format:

Business-to-Business letter.
Business-to-Consumer letter.

Be sure you call (888) 250-1834 or visit the website and use promo code STRETCH to get 15% off. Check it out here.

To Your Direct Mail Success,
Travis Lee
(888) 250-1834

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