Paying Rent? Just Shred Your Money Instead... It’d Be Cheaper!

Did You Know Your Current Copy Machine Is Shredding $174.66 of Your Money Each Month?

Here’s What Uncle Sam is Doing to Your Money!

Your Current Long Distance Carrier is Shredding Your Money, Costing You $9,475.74 per Year!

If You’re Not Bundling Your Car and Home Insurance You May as Well Shred $47 Each Month

Quit Wasting Your Money on Ineffective and Health Harming Aspirin for You Back Aches!

How Your Car is Shredding $745.10 Out of Your Pocket Each Year.

Your Car is Shredding Your Money!

Never Waste Another Dollar on Your Advertising

Don’t Waste Another Dollar on Ineffective Weigh Loss Programs.

Sample Headlines

The bag of money is 3″ wide and 2 ” tall, and about 1/4″ thick.  The shredded money mailer is a great direct mail promotion and is an example of a successful promotion that can be run in just about any business or business category.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

Dear <<FIRST>>:

As you can see I’ve attached a bag of shredded money to this special letter.  Why have I done this?  Actually, there are two important reasons:

1.  I have something very URGENT to tell you and I needed a way to make sure this letter gets your  attention.

2.   Secondly, since what I have to tell you concerns how to make money in your business (and  stop wasting it), I felt that this nifty little “eye-catcher” was appropriate.

Right now it’s very likely you’re throwing your money away.  You may as well pull a $20 bill out of your wallet and put it in the shredder.  Chances are you don’t use direct mail in your business, and if you are, you’re likely not using it the most effective and efficient way possible.

We’re hit with a barrage of advertisements and marketing messages every day.  The average American sees 3,500 marketing message each day.  That’s 1,277,500 a year!  So how are you going to set your marketing apart, so you’re the 1 in 1,277,500 this year that your prospect, client, or patient will pay attention to?Not only are we overwhelmed by the marketing we see, we’re bored by it.  Think about the mail you receive everyday, both at home and in the office.  It all looks the same.  You can cut out the names and phone numbers, jumble them up, and put them back just about anywhere and they’d all still look and say the same thing.  How much of it actually catches your attention, grabs you by the proverbial throat, and compel you to read?... My guess is, not much.  We’re all suffering from marketing incest.  3D Mail is different.  It cuts the clutter.  It gets attention.  It get’s opened... Instantly.

I Know What You May Be Thinking

You may thinking that your clients too smart, sophisticated, or rich for such things.  But that simply isn’t true.  People are people, and buyers are buyers.  In many cases 3D Mail MUST be used to reach the so-called ‘too smart,’ ‘too sophisticated,’ and ‘too rich’ because they simply get “too much” direct mail.  They typically are a group that is advertised to heavily.  You must do something to draw their attention.  To grab them by the throat and say, “YOU MUST READ MY MESSAGE!”

Prospects and clients who are too smart, sophisticated, or rich often appreciate the fact that you treat them differently when you send them 3D Mail.  3D Mail makes the recipient feel special.  As if you did this just for them.  People are eager for a ‘personal’ approach to marketing.  They don’t want to be part of the masses.  They want to be singled out amongst the throngs, and even “sophisticated people” like to be entertained… and 3D Mail does just that.

This is just one example of how we've used the shredded mail in our business.

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