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By Travis Lee

What you’re about to read was first published in my monthly newsletter, The Copywriter’s Corner, March, 2010.  To get more information on it, visit this link.

Steve Clark is the CEO and Founder of New School Selling Today (see an international business development and marketing firm that consults and coaches thousands of sales executives and business owners annually in Australia, Canada and the US, and after you see what he’s done with his bank bag letter you’ll understand that Steve knows Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting.  You’ll want to download a PDF of Steve’s letter here before you read any further: 

One of the biggest mistakes we see at 3D Mail is someone using 3D Mail but ignoring the big three of direct mail.  What are the big three?

  1. List
  2. Offer
  3. The Copy itself

List – We didn’t provide Steve with his list for this campaign, but we know Steve pretty well and we know he used a targeted list.  Frankly, he’s too good of a marketer to not do that.  By the way, we can provide you with your targeted list.

Offer – Steve has a great offer with lots of incentives and free sales tools.

Copywriting – Steve is obviously a student of great copywriting.  Reading this letter is in itself a lesson in copywriting.

Some other thoughts on Steve’s letter.

  • Steve uses an excellent, attention grabbing headline and excellent sub-headline.
  • Personalization increases response and readership
  • Excellent second readership path – If you read just the bolded, underlined, highlighted, and colored print you’ll get enough of the sales message to understand and respond to this offer.  The second readership path assures that you get the people like me who want to skim something before reading it all.
  • The long form sales letter assures that you get those who want the details.
  • Excellent Cosmetics – This goes along with the second readership path.  I’m amazed sometimes when I see really good marketers mess this up.  Steve uses bolds, highlights, color, centering,font sizes, something like Copy Doodles, check marks (bullets), his 100% risk-free guarantee logo, boxes and other cosmetics.
  • Excellent use of P.S. – the second most read part of any letter.
  • Use of separate order form and instructions on what to do with it.
  • I absolutely love how he includes testimonials in the box with another color background.  This is  something we do a lot.
  • Pictures of speakers
  • Use of celebrity – OK, the Insurance Commissioner of Florida and others in  this letter are not celebrities to you and me but they are to Steve’s target market.

I encourage you to study this letter that Steve wrote and keep it in your Swipe File.  Steve was also willing to share a free mp3 download with my subscribers.  To get Steve’s CD “Prospecting to Fill The Pipeline” Go To:

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