Reactivate Your Lost Clients or Patients with 3D Mail

By Travis Lee


This is the first time I’ve done a training on this subject so you’ll want to be sure you attend.  During this training you’ll discover:

  • Which businesses have lost or inactive clients, and how to best find them and bring them back
  • The fives things you must have in order to make your lost client campaign a success
  • The top six reasons why your clients don’t come back to your business (and it’s NOT what you think!)
  • How you can create your own lost client marketing campaign in as little as four days
  • How six small business owners created instant positive cash flow targeting their lost or inactive clients

Why would you want to target your lost or inactive clients/patients? It’s simply really. It’s said that it is 10 times to 100 times more costly to get a new client than it is to sell again to an existing client. In tough economic times it’s even higher!

I firmly believe that a ‘lost’ client is the second easiest client to sell to, behind only those clients who are continually buying from you, your “A-List” clients.

I’ll also present SIX in-depth case studies on how businesses just like yours are creating a cash-flow surge by targeting lost clients with 3D Mail. This is where 3D mail can get really fun, and profitable!

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