One step marketing vs. Lead Generation

By Travis Lee

First, one step selling.  In one step selling, the only job of your ad, whether that is a sales letter, post card, website, yellow pages ad etc, is to sell your product or service.  It requires an immediate “Buy Now” reaction whether that be pick up the phone and order, visit our website and order, come in for an appointment etc.  This biggest drawback to one step selling is it only works if they want it now.  We’ll talk about some of the other elements of one step selling later in the week.

With lead generation, you’re able to grad the attention of the prospect if they’re ready to buy (usually less than 20% of all who are even interested), or even if they’re luke-warm or just slightly interested in your product or service.

With lead generation, all you’re doing is getting your prospect to raise their hand, and say, “Yeah, I might bet interested in what you’re offering.”  Then you’re able to put them in your marketing funnel (a whole other topic for another day).

Most advertising and marketing you see on a daily basis is what we call one-step marketing.  In fact, most of the “institutional” and “Madison Avenue” marketing you see is one-step.  Its only job is to get a sale right then and there.

There are certainly some drawbacks to this.  First, you’ve got to be there at the exact right moment, when your prospect is hot and bothered about what it is that you sell.  It needs to be perfect timing.  Research has shown that only about 20% of the people who are even interested in your business, are ready to “Buy Now!”

Further, your time or length of your message is severely limited by most one-step sale strategies.  How much can you possibly say in a 30 second TV or radio spot, a yellow pages ad (even in a full page ad), a billboard, a simple postcard?  Can you really sell your product in that limited amount of space?  If so, you’re probably in a highly commoditized business.  To that I say “GET OUT, AND GET OUT QUICKLY!”

So what business are you really in?  Answer that question to yourself. What business are you in? If you’re like most, you’ll say something like mortgage broker, dentist, restaurateur, coach, chiropractor etc.

If you answer was something like this, I’d say you’re wrong. (Hang in here with me; I’ll get to the point in just one minute).  If you’ve been reading my tips, newsletter or have heard me speak you may be saying to yourself, “I’m not falling for that one Travis, I know I’m in the Marketing Business.”  To that I say you’re closer, but still not quite there.

You’re in the list building business.

There is nothing more valuable to your business than a list of names and contact information of your most targeted prospects and clients.  You want to capture names and market to them continuously. As my Marketing mentor Dan Kennedy says, “Until they buy or die.”

So how do you build your list? Through lead generation marketing, of course. You’re essentially getting permission to market and sell to your ideal prospect or client, over and over again. How great is that!  In case it isn’t obvious yet, I’m a big fan of lead generation marketing. In fact, since you’re on my email list, you’ve been privy to lead generation marketing already!  Want more on lead generation marketing? Then be sure you carefully read and study the information below. You, and your business, will be glad that you did.

Marketing Tip Reader’s Only Special

List building is the life-blood of any business who wants to get away from traditional “Madison Avenue” image marketing and move towards direct response marketing, The kind of marketing I champion in these tips.  Every day that the right number of people notice you and become interested in you and begin taking steps toward you is a good day. Any day that doesn’t happen, a dangerous and dark day. Too many of those dark days in a row, death.

So, the more you KNOW about ‘the science of lead generation’ as practiced by the world’s top marketers, the better you can design or re-design, strengthen and improve that “heart beat” of your business. BUT YOU WERE NEVER OFFERED A COLLEGE CLASS IN ‘LEAD GENERATION’, WERE YOU?

I can safely say that I have the definitive source of information for all things lead generation and list building.  Learn more here and see how you can get your hands on a digital copy, delivered to you immediately.

As you very likely know, I’m a huge fan and follower of Dan Kennedy and his direct response marketing strategies. That should be no secret by now.   What you may not know is that Keith (my dad and business partner in 3D Mail) and I have been in Dan Kennedy’s Elite Titanium Mastermind Group for the past two years.

During a recent meeting all the members (there are 20 of us), stayed an extra day to participate in a special roundtable discussion exclusively on LEAD GENERATION, recorded live.

Each person in the group would bill their time for a consulting or coaching day at $10,000.00, $15,000.00, $20,000.00, some more – so were you to collect them and helm this same `Best Strategies’ discussion for yourself, it would easily cost you $200,000.00 to $400,000.00.

I’m happy to tell you, I will hand it over this treasure trove of lead generation strategies to you “on a silver platter”, for a whole lot less!   As of now, only those of us in the Titanium group (and Dan) have the right to make these rare recordings available.   As someone who regularly reads my email tips, I wanted to make these rare recordings available to you. I thought you’d get tremendous value from them.

Simply click this link for the complete details on these business changing lead generations strategies and how you can get your hands on a digital copy, delivered to you immediately.

Go ahead, steal these secrets.

To Your Direct Mail Success,
Travis Lee

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