Lost Client Worry Doll Campaign

By Travis Lee

The worry doll is quickly becoming one of our bestselling 3D Mail items, and with the success stories I’m hearing from my clients, it’s easy to see why.  The worry doll is designed to be used for lost/inactive client reactivation.

From now until March 20, 2011 as a marketing tips reader, you can invest in the COMPLETE worry doll lost client campaign at never before offered prices.

I’ve put together a program where all you need to do is provide the mailing list and a finalized letter, and we’ll get the worry dolls out to your clients.  Watch a short video above on the program we just launched.

Plus, I’ll even provide to you a fill-in-the-blank, dummy-proof letter as a template for you to use.  All you’ll need to do is fill in your specific company information, and you’re done.  Of course you can add to it as much as you like as well.  The letter template is free for you to use.  You can download the worry doll lost client template here.  (This will open a new window and allow you to download the template in a word document.)

If you want to handle the fulfillment yourself, you’ll still get an outrageously low price.  I’ll just send you the dolls from my warehouse and you can take care of the rest.  See the pricing here, and call in your order at 888-250-1834 or order the worry doll here.

150 pcs @ $0.25 ea
500 pcs @ $0.20 ea
10080 pcs @ $0.18 ea
2000 pcs @ $0.17 ea

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