Leprechaun magic

By Travis Lee

Remember creating your own 3D Mail letter isn’t Leprechaun Magic!  In keeping with the holiday theme and current even from last month (rememberthe Olympic Gold Medals?) and the Collier principle we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Yeah, I know it seems early to think about St. Patrick’s Day, but we’re only 3 weeks away.  You want to start thinking about it NOW so you’re not too late to take advantage of this very popular holiday.

If you don’t know, Robert Collier was a famous copywriter and author who said, as a marketer, you want to enter to conversation already going on in your client or prospects head.

Using Holidays are a great way to do this.  There are the obvious “big” ones like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July.  And some of the “lesser” celebrated ones, like St. Patrick’s Day!

Sometimes, these “lesser” holiday can even be better for you.  Many businesses run Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mother’s Day promotions, but very few use holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s wide open for you to take advantage of!

Here’s a sample letter that you can tweak for your business.  It was written for an insurance agent, but most of the heavy lifting has been done for you.

Take the elements you can use for your business, fill in the “blanks” and drop it in the mail.  The postage rate for 1st class mail is $2.32.  You can get your rate down 25-75% if you’re send it via pre-sort mail, and mailing more than 500 pcs.  We can do this for you; just let us know if you’d like a complete fulfillment quote.

With this idea you can:

  • Send to cold list and tell them they’ve been randomly selected to receive the Luck of the Irish promotion this month.
  • Send to current clients to up-sell/cross sell items as a lucky winner this month.
  • Send to unconverted leads as a lucky winner for    those who haven’t yet ordered.
  • Tell them you’ve sent this letter to 20 other people in your industry, they are listed below, and that you can only work with one of you. Contact me now before you competition does!

You can offer:

  • Dentist, Chiropractors etc. can offer free x-rays.
  • Restaurant owners can offer a free lunch/dessert/appetizer.
  • Coaches/consultants in various niches can offer free lessons.
  • Service providers can offer free consultation on     the services you provide.
  • Info-marketers can offer a Free CD, DVD, Course, etc.
  • Photographers can offer a free frame with purchase, or free session.
  • Realtors can offer a free gift with listing.
  • The list goes on and on!

Just because I didn’t list your exact niche or industry here does not mean you can’t use this mailer.  I’ve written this month’s letter as a cross-sell, to get you already existing clients to purchase another product. You can quickly and painlessly modify it for any of the strategies I’ve listed above, and certainly for those not listed.  Think creatively and out of the box.

Here are the links to each St. Patrick Day themed item we carry:

Do you want us to do the printing, mailing and fulfillment? We can do that! Just reply to this email or call 888-250-1834 and ask for Tara. She can get you taken care of ASAP!   Call 888-250-1834 or visit this link to order.

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