Don’t Be Handcuffed – Great Guarantees in Direct Mail

By Travis Lee

I absolutely love this new mailer, a pair of handcuffs! I suggest you give the letter I included a quick read to be sure you understand how they are being used,handcuff mailer in clear envelope them come back here to finish this article.  This particular letter example is intended as a cover letter, to go with a longer, “all inclusive” sales letter that covers all the details of the “Customer Appreciation” event.

If you’re a GKIC member or follower of Dan Kennedy, you very likely saw this same piece last fall as a promotion for their annual SuperConference (which, incidentally, is happening this week).

Here’s a little background on how we came up with the idea. Maybe it will help you in finding your creative genius.

I have a client who is an information marketer to lawyers. Before you hold that against him, it’s a very good program, and he’s a very good guy. It’s so good, in fact, he has an amazing guarantee. He called me up and said, “Travis, I need something to illustrate an iron-clad, no-questions-asked guarantee. What do you got?”


After a little brainstorming, we found a line of copy in his sales letter, something to the effect of (and I’m paraphrasing), “…and you’ll never be handcuffed to the program, ever. In fact it comes with an industry leading 1 year money-back guarantee…”   Eureka! I had it, handcuffs.

This is often how we come up with the “hook” we’ll choose in a campaign. It’s often buried in your offer or sales letter. You just need to dig a little to uncover it. In this example, it was right there all along. He just needed my fresh eyes to help find it. Easier said than done, I’ll admit.   So what makes a great guarantee? Well you’ll just have to hold tight until Friday and we’ll dive deep into crafting a winning guarantee for your business. Stay tuned…

Marketing Tip Reader’s Only Special

You didn’t think I’d highlight a new item and not have it on sale, right?   Do you offer an amazing guarantee? Do your competitors lock up your prospects to unfair contracts or conditions? If so, you’ll want to use the handcuffs!   Here are a few headline ideas you can use with the handcuffs:

“You HandcuffsWon’t Be Handcuffed With Our Industry Leading Guarantee”

“Feeling Handcuffed To Your Current Cable Provider?”

“Don’t Be Handcuffed by Lousy Service”

Are You Handcuffed To A Lousy __________ Contract?

You can get 15% off the handcuffs when you use promo code handcuff.   You can call to order, 888-250-1834. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have and take your order quickly, right over the phone. We’re open 8AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday.  Whether you go online or call, just be sure you mention promo code handcuff to get 15% off.

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