Successful direct mail using a bank bag

By Steve Clark

“Hi, I’m Steve Clark the CEO of New School Selling.  We’ve worked with 3-D Mail Results now for about 4 years. We’ve done a number of mailings. We’ve recently did one in which we did the Bank Bag for the second time, and it was even more effective than the first time. In fact, we’ve got an $18.00 return for every dollar that we invested in doing a mailing with the Bank Bag. Every time we do something with them, it produces multiple returns on our investment.

3-D Mail Results we consider them to be one of our marketing partners. They help us quite a bit with our mailing and every time we use them we generate multiple returns on our investment.  We’ve been using 3-D Mailing Results for about 4 years. They are really great folks to work with, we consider them one of our marketing partners that’s integral to our success in direct response marketing.”

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