Successful B2B Direct Mail with a Pill Bottle

By Travis Lee

I’m stepping back a few years for this month’s example. While I was preparing for a webinar in August I was reviewing my swipe files when I came across this gem. I realized I hadn’t shared it with you. Even though it’s nearly five years old it’s still a great piece to study.   It comes from long-time client Charlie Gardner in Macon, GA. Here’s a copy of Charlie’s letter.

First I want to point out something that I feel is very ironic, but first read the letter linked above so you know what Charlie is offering.   Don’t you find it funny that a guy selling, what amounts to TV advertising, is using good, old-fashioned (albeit 3D Mail) direct mail?  It’s like when Google send you direct mail to promote their AdWords platform, or an “internet marketing guru” selling automated webinars from the stage at a live even or training. May be I’m a marketing nerd, but I find it ironically funny.

This was a mailer we completely implemented for him. He provided the list and letter, and we printed the letter and mailing label, fold stuff and inserted the letter, added the postage a delivered it to the post office.   Remember, we can do all this for your next 3D Mail campaign. Just give Tara a call at 888-250-1834 and she can get you a quote for just any job and any item.

A little background on the campaign. From the letter you can likely tell he sells advertising space ‘around’ the TV. He provides the TV’s to the restaurants and bars, the sells the advertising space that goes under and next to the actual screen. Again, take a look at the image on the first page of the pill bottle letter.

He used a little “gruella” marketing tactics to get his list. He didn’t just go out and buy a list of local businesses. He targeted local businesses like contractors, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and other in his area.   He then looked at those businesses that were already doing a lot of advertising locally, things like TV, radio, billboards… Basically anything that gave him an indication that the businesses were proactive in their marketing.  I like the use of his testimonials. I would have added an image of the person giving the testimonial along with their ad displayed on the TV, but we’re probably splitting hairs over that.

Overall, it’s a very good letter. I have a few comments that I would make, but here’s the bottom line. He got a 4:1 return on his investment on the FRONT END sales. He spent $2,500 and got back just over $10,000.00.   Again, this is front end money, what amounts to the first order. It doesn’t take into account any follow-up or ongoing advertising, referrals, etc.   He followed our basic template for the pill bottle, using the “This is Just What the Doctor Ordered…” headline, one that has proven over and over to get great results.

I have included nine different pill bottle letter examples linked below. Be sure you take a look at them, there’s likely one that can work for your business.

Marketing Tips Readers Only Special

The Pill Bottle Mailer has been one of our most successful 3D Mail pieces since we introduced it two years ago and they are 15% off when you enter promo code pill15.

Click here to see a short video on how to use the pill bottle mailer and order today.  Below are links to nine different letter in nine different industries that you can use:

This is a great campaign if you’re solving a nagging problem that persists for many of your clients, patients or prospects.

This works as a self-mailer. All you need to do is fold your letter, affix the child proof cap, slap your mailing label and postage on the outside and drop it in the mail, it’s that easy! Or we can fulfill the entire project for you, just give us a call at 888-250-1834.

Check out the video here, and get 15% off when you enter the promo code pill15 when you checkout.

To Your Direct Mail Success,
Travis Lee

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