Lost Client Compass Direct Mail

By Jimmy Nicholas

“Hey, James-Jimmy Nicholas here, I own a local marketing company out of Waterford, CT. 
We had such great success with our first mailing; a Boomerang Mailing. I decided to follow it up immediately, with the Compass Mailing for those that didn’t respond to the initial Boomerang Mailing. So, we took a swipe-file from Travis, and we basically did the prospects name, “Are you lost, we haven’t heard from you regarding (a mobile website) for…” we put in the company name, and then we tied it with some timely events. 

We had Hurricane Sandy coming through, so we said, with Hurricane Sandy and us, moving to our new location, I figured this compass can help navigate your way back to us so we can get your mobile website up and running. And then, I went in to a, basically, a couple page sales letter with some stats of an existing client that we converted. And this time, I included an order form because after the first one I had thought, how could we improve it even more. So we included an order form, and showed some samples. So this one, 

we just sent out last week. We’ve already gotten two orders in, which more than doubles our return already on the campaign, and I’m sure we’re going to get more trickle in, as this promotion goes on for another couple weeks. So again, nothing but great things to say about 3-D Mail and Travis. Thanks a lot for keeping the campaigns coming.”

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