Consumer marketing with direct mail

By Bill Gough

“Hey, my name’s Bill Gough. I’m an All State agency owner, and I’ve been working with Keith and Travis at 3-D Mail since 2008. I tell you what, they guys make it so easy to work with. I’ve worked with them and sent out many of their great looking mailers, they just understand the whole deal. They’re not like a typical mail-house. They understand marketing, and small business owners like an insurance agency owner, restaurant owner, mail-slot or whatever you happen to be, working to consumers, if you do any kind of direct mail, you need to talk to Keith and Travis, they really know what they’re talking about. 

One of the first products that we used with Keith and Travis was their Bank-Bag Mailer. You’ve seen the bank bags where you put money in to take deposits. Anyway, you mail a lot of stuff in a bank bag, and it’s just a very interesting piece. Nobody is not going to open up a bank bag. I use that piece; I mailed it out to one hundred people. Ten people immediately called me before I even had time to follow them. It’s that good of a piece, so you’re looking for something on you should do, talk to Keith and Travis over at 3-D Mail.

Another cool piece that Keith and Travis have is the Pill-Bottle Mailer. You know what a pill bottle is; all you got to do is go open up your medicine cabinet and see your pill bottles.  They figured out a way to write a little note or a letter; stuff it inside a pill bottle, and mail it. What’s really cool is they know how to write cool headlines for it, too. So, for example, I’m an insurance agency owner, and the headline they wrote for me went something like: “Are you sick and tired of your insurance rates going up and up? I’ve got the right medicine for you.”  So, they can do the same type of thing, whether you own an insurance agency, an automobile repair shop, a dentist office, whatever small business it is, it works really good. And what’s so cool about Keith and Travis, they make it so easy to work with them, too. They’re great people.

I want to talk to you about the Trash Can Mailer that Keith and Travis over at 3-D Mail Results put together for me. This is a miniature trash can, in which you stuff a letter inside and talk to your customers in a very specific way.  We had sent out a couple pieces of mail to people that did not respond to us, and the third piece of mail was this trash can.  We sent this little trash can in the mail, wrote a headline says, “I haven’t heard from you, I just assumed that you’ve trashed my last two mail pieces, so I thought I’d go ahead and provide the trash can for you today.”  It just automatically gets opened up because it’s a big old trash can sitting right on top of the mail file.  You want to talk to Keith and Travis over at 3-D Mailing because these guys have got all the answers to your direct mail.”

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