B2B Direct Mail Boomerang

By James Nicholas

Hey James-Jimmy Nicholas here. I’m the owner of Jimmymarketing.com; we’re a local marketing company out of Waterford, CT.

I recently did a boomerang mailing, not to get my customers that haven’t done business with us, to get them back. We have a continuity program where they renew every month automatically. But I wanted to get them back in for other services, instead of just their continuity program. So I thought, why not send them the boomerang to get them to come back in. So I put, basically the headline, taken directly from Travis’s swipe file; their name, “we really want you to come back,” and we did some copy-doodles with, “we miss you.” I did four different offers for them to come back; it was a one page mailing, and that was it. And I want to share with you some of the results that we had with it.

We sent out 243 of these, and we had eight responses; seven of which turned in to actual closed business. For approximately a 3% return rate there.

Now the postage cost me $473.80. The clear bags; we sent that in a clear bag with the boomerangs. I didn’t even know you could send mail in a clear bag, but I was on the phone with Travis, and kind of asked him, you know what do we send this in? He suggested, “Why don’t you send it in a clear bag, so they see the Boomerang.” And it’s just tremendous. That was $22.64. The paper and ink was $25.47, and the boomerangs were $50.94, for a total cost of $572.90. It brought in over $4,826.00 of revenue, which is a return on investment of 742.38%.

This was my first 3-D mailing I had ever done, and it was extremely, extremely successful. We’re still getting orders in from it. It’s been about a month. We put an expiration date on it. So we’re still taking some of them in, but it has been a tremendous, tremendous investment; following it up with another mailing, “The Compass Mailing.” I have nothing but great things to say about 3-D Mail.

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