Trash Can Self Mailer

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Are You Throwing Away Sales in Your Travel Agency Business?

Are You Throwing Away Sales in Your Restaurant Business?

Are You Throwing Away Sales in Your Retail Business?

Are You Throwing Away Sales in Your Window Washing Business?

Are You Throwing Away Sales in Your Studio Photraphy Business?

Are You Throwing Away Sales in Your Auto Repair Shop?

I Found Your Enrollment in the Trash. Are You Sure You Can Miss This?

Previous Attempts Have Ended Up in the Trash, So I Thought I Would Save You Some Time Today

How to Make Sure Your Direct Mail Doesn’t End Up in This

Last Chance, Don’t Throw Away This Incredible Opportunity

Since You’ve Thrown Away My Previous Two Letters I Thought I Would Save You The Effort.

Sample Headlines

No one can resist opening this and reading your letter when you use the trash can in your direct mail campaign.  The trash can is 4″ tall and 4″ wide at the top, it’s widest part. The Trash cans self-mailers come in blue as pictured on this website. If you need some inspiration, here's a case study on the trash can self-mailer.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.


"In case you've been throwing my letters into the trash I wanted to do it for you this time"

Throwing this final letter away may be harmful to your success.

Dear [first name],

Take a good look at your business and see what's really going on. Are you working too hard and not getting the results you want? Are you sure that you're really competitive? Can you be confident your current [insert your product of service here] is as good as it can be?

Maybe everything is perfect. And you're totally happy with the way things are. If so then THROW THIS LETTER AWAY... BECAUSE YOU DON'T NEED ME.

But if not - contact me! I'm [your name] with [your company] and I can help change your business reality.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. So if you want different results you need to do something very different.

I have rock solid proof that my system works better, faster and cheaper than anything you've ever seen. AND I CAN PROVE IT with just 27 minutes of your time.  If you still don’t believe what I’m telling you, just flip this page over to see the long list of happy clients I’ve worked with over the years.

I'm totally baffled. I can't figure out why you wouldn't take me up on my offer. You'll get a FREE [offer] with no obligation that will show you can start making at least $1000 profit immediately. All this is yours just for meeting with me.


My life's work is showing people just like you how to:

  • Save Money – [insert benefit how to save them money]
  • Make more bottom line profits – [insert benefit how to increase profits]
  • Reduce Stress – [insert benefit how to reduce stress]
  • [List more benefits to client here]
  • [List more benefits to client here]

What's the downside? You may risk wasting 27 minutes of your valuable time. So I'll even guarantee the meeting. If I can't find for you at least 3 ways to save you $1,000 and improve your operations I'll give $50 to your favorite charity. YOU BE THE JUDGE.

By the way, this is not a high-pressure sales pitch. I hate them too. I simply want to demonstrate how straightforward and easy my program is for you, because I know you can benefit from it.

Why not do it today while it's fresh on your mind?

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

Please call me at xxx-xxxx to receive your FREE [offer].


Your Name

P.S. I just need 27 minutes of your time to show you all the benefits of my program and how you can be seeing results in just 5 days.  If I’ve totally wasted your time I’ll donate $50 to the charity of your choice.

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