Getting attention of High Level Decision Makers

By Travis Lee

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I stepped back a few years to get this month’s S&D example for you.  But it’s a good one.  Have you ever needed to get the attention of a VIP, big-wig, or important decision maker?  It can be brutal.  Gatekeepers, voice mail, un-returned phone calls and emails…  It can get frustrating.   But first, some background on this letter.

Ariane is a sales rep at American Retail Supply (one of our businesses) and had been handling a rather large account for a national chain of alternative supermarkets.  She had established a good relationship with the current Senior Purchasing Agent at the company.  Rather abruptly the current purchaser left the company and a new person took over.  Suddenly phone calls weren’t being returned and the relationship was slipping away.  She came to me asked for help.

Ariane needed a way to cut the clutter and be sure her message got to the new senior purchaser.  We discussed the details and we decided to have some fun with it and send the new Purchasing Agent a Trash Can (how can you not have fun when you’re sending a trash can in the mail?).  Here’s a link to a copy of the letter we created.  I suggest you download it and take a look.

We did two very smart things.  First, we acknowledged the new position and  brought it up and went on to explain why receiving the trash can was appropriate.  We further tied the trash can into the products we offered.  (Don’t even come to me with, “Travis, I don’t sell all the stuff you do, I can’t use this letter!”  I know you don’t sell bags and packaging, but you CAN STILL USE A VERY SIMILAR CAMPAIGN or LETTER.)

A week after sending the trash can Ariane called the purchaser.  Upon introducing herself to the gatekeeper and explaining that she was the one who sent the trash can, the gatekeeper said (paraphrasing), “HA!  We got that last week and I immediately showed it to her, we both had a good laugh.  We liked the creativity.  We’ll schedule a call for later this week.”

While the end-result was not a direct sale for the specific products we pitched in the letter, Ariane had established a relationship with the new purchaser, got the coveted meeting scheduled, and is now able to get through the gatekeeper and talk with this high level decision maker much easier.  It has resulted in sales that likely would not have happened without some creativity.

I am going to wander off the reservation here for a moment and talk about something a little different, but something I think you’ll get a ton of benefit from.  While these random acts of marketing can and do pay off, it’s always better when you have a systematized marketing funnel.  It’s where we see 3D Mail work the best for our clients (and for us, for that matter).

So what is a marketing funnel?  This may be basic for you, but a good review.   If this is new to you it could possibly revolutionize the way you market and sell your products or services.

Your marketing funnel is a systematic approach to everything your prospect sees, hears, and receives from you after they’ve raised their hand. The keyword is SYSTEMATIC.  It’s even better if its semi or fully automatic.  Whenever, and however a prospect comes in contact with you, each person gets the same SYSTEMATIC step(s).  Here’s a simply funnel that you could easily use when someone response to your lead generation ad:

Day 1: Send your free guide that you advertised
Day 2: Send email confirmation that you mailed the Guide.
Day 5: Phone call to see they received the guide
Day 7: Follow up email to be sure they received the guide.
Day 10: Sales letter using 3D Mail to sell your product  or service
Day 20: Postcard to sell your product/Service
Day 30: Trash can sales letter telling them not to throw away this opportunity.

So why do you use a marketing funnel?  First and foremost, you just get more sales when you use a marketing funnel, and that should be reason enough, shouldn’t it?  That’s the short answer, but why do we get more sales when we use a systematic marketing funnel?

We’re able to do what I like to call, “lead nurturing” and “maturing.” Frankly, most of your prospects simply aren’t ready to buy at this very moment.  However, they will likely be ready to buy down the line.  Each prospects time line for a purchase is different, so we’re able to give them the time they need to move from a “Luke-warm” buyer to “Ready to buy!”

You’re also able to provide education, and prove to your prospects that you’re a ‘Guru’ in your industry.   In addition, they get to know you as a person.  They get to know you, trust you and learn about you.  As reader of this my monthly newsletter you already know a lot about me.  Finally, you’re able to position yourself, and answer the question, “Why should I choose you,” that always burns in the back of your prospects mind.  You can position your pricing, justify it, and position your ‘rules of engagement’ on how your business is run.

You’ll have the best success using 3D Mail as part of your marketing sequence.  This doesn’t mean you can’t use 3D Mail (or any type of direct mail) in stand-alone marketing initiatives, in fact you should, but it works best when you use it as part of your systematic marketing funnel.

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Here are a few sample letters you can use:

You don’t even need a box for this item.  Just tape down the lid and put your address label and postage directly on the outside of the can.  I’ve mailed thousands of these and they arrive great each time.  You can see a short video where I explain how to mail the trash can right here.  This is perfect for a second, third or fourth mailing to a list of prospects who have not responded to your previous offers.  No one can resist opening this and reading your letter.

This offer only good when you call in or go online and get it.  Call 888-250-1834 and get your Mini Trash Cans for 30% off when you use Promo Code trash30.  See the trash can mailer here.

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