We Want To Show You Some Love This Valentine's Day!

An Open Letter From Cupid...

Love Is In The Air This Valentine's Day

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I love using current events with my direct mail.  And with Valentine’s Day every Feb. 14th, this is a great direct mail piece to cut the clutter and increase your response rates! Using current events in your marketing is a sure-fire way to increase response.  You typically need to move quickly on news items as they come and go quickly.  However, with yearly events you know about them well in advance and should capitalize on them. Lock is approx. 0.5″ tall and 0.75″ around.  Includes two keys.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

An open letter from Cupid…

“Love is in the Air, and <<your business name>> Wants To Show YOU some Love with a Free Gift Just for You.”

Dear <<First Name>>,

Everybody’s gone. But I overheard them talking about YOU! I was flying around <<your business name>> this morning looking for love seekers to strike with my arrows when I heard quite a commotion coming from the office below.

As the god of Love, I HATE arguments, I’m a lover not a fighter. But this was a little different. <<Owner first name>>, some of the guys in the office call him boss had ‘love’ in his voice, I could just tell. So I flew down a little lower and fluttered in the top corner of <<owner first name>> office to see if I could help with my arrows.

There were two of them arguing back and forth. Now I’m no expert in business, but <<owners first name>> called the other one a “cheap, bean-counting accountant.” I guess that is something mean ‘cause the bean-counting accountant in his horn-rimmed glasses and sweater vest stormed off shortly after that. But here’s what I heard before he stormed off.

<<owners first name>> was adamant that the bean-counter let him give away some great Valentine’s gifts this year to their best clients (that’s when he mentioned you). The bean-counter shouted back that there’s no way we could. He said the “books” won’t allow it. (I’ve never heard of a book allowing someone to do anything, but heck I’m so busying fluttering around trying to create love I don’t have a lot of time to read)

So back and forth they went for 10 minutes. <<Owners first name>> yelling, “We’ve got to do something for our great clients to show them we care!” I could just hear the emotion in his voice He really wanted to help you. Then the bean-counter would shout back, “But the books say we can’t!” Finally the bean-counter stormed off.

So here I am CUPID the god of Love and right before my eyes there’s no LOVE!!!!!

Hey, when you’re Cupid that’s an easy fix. I took out one of my tiny little Patent Pending “See It In The Others Person’s Eyes Arrows” and plucked each of them.

In a couple minutes <<owner’s first name>> walked over to the bean counters office and said, “Harvey,” (isn’t that a great name for a bean counter?) “I think you’ll like this idea. We have those really cool rotating picture cubes, and those ‘snuggle’ things you see on TV, and those a real nice umbrellas that would be great for rainy weather. How about we do this…

Since February is love month, in honor of love month and Cupid lets give each of our clients the choice of one of the three gifts whenever they <<enter qualifying purchase here>>.”

There’s some great stuff here. Stuff I wish I could get this Valentine’s Day! But unfortunately I’m not one of <<enter your business name>> best customers like you. Maybe I’ll just borrow one. I don’t think the books will know.



P.S. Remember, you have to <<call, visit, stop>> by February 28, 2010 to celebrate Love Month and Cupid and you’ll get your free gift when you <<qualifying purchase>>.

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