Are You Lost? 3-Step Mailing System

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Are You Lost?

Don’t Get Left Stranded

You Won’t Need To Look For Buried Treasure When You ____________

Sample Headlines

The treasure chest has been discontinued.  The other two item may be purchased separately.

Do your prospects or clients feel lost?  Does your product/service hold the answer?  Use these themed mailers to stand out!  Our testing our found that the more tightly themed your mail sequence is, the more success you’ll have.  Use these 3 pieces to cut the clutter and dramatically boost response.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

Compass's sample letter:

Shall We Send Out the Search Party?

Dear [first name],

A few weeks ago we mailed you a FREE $20.00 American Retail Supply Gift Certificate because our  records indicate it’s been too long since we’ve heard from you at American Retail Supply (formerly Thompson Merchandising & Supply).  And, it even Doubles to $40.00 with your purchase of $200 or more, and Quadruples to $80 with your purchase of $500 or more)!

Message In Bottle's sample letter:

Dear [personalized],

I’m [your name] with [name of company] and about a XXX ago I sent you an offer in a bank deposit bag. But I never heard from you!...

Large Self Mailing Treasure Chest Sample letter:

“Ahoy, Matey, Unearth the Hidden Treasure in Yer Direct Mail Campaigns And Ye Won’t Even Need a Map or Hornswaggle any Landlubbers to Find This Here Treausre Chest"

Dear Direct Marketer,

Remember me? I’m the guy that had the 3D Mail Results Booth at the 2008 Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in April. Remember?? The one who sent you that Treasure-Chest-Filling, 132-page “Definitive Guide to using 3D Mail and Premiums in Your Marketing Campaigns” a few weeks ago?? The guy in that awful bright gold shirt?!? Now I’m sure you remember me, how could you not!......

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