Large Self Mailing Treasure Chest

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How to Find the Buried Treasure in Your Restaurant Business

You Won’t Need To Look For Buried Treasure When You ____________

You’ll Find Your Treasure When You __________

Who Else Wants to Unearth the Treasure In Their Auto Repair Business?

You'll Find Your Treasure When You _______!

Warning: You Have Untold Treasures Buried In Your Pet Shop Business

Sample Headlines

The treasure chest has been discontinued.

It has to be on top of the mail stack. Who on earth is NOT going to open a locked treasure chest? Just mail the chest in the box it comes in, and add postage and a mailing label. Simply tape the key to the lock so when they open the box, the key is there for them to open it! Size: 5″ x 2.5″ x 3″ (LxWxT)

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“Ahoy, Matey, Unearth the Hidden Treasure in Yer Direct Mail Campaigns And Ye Won’t Even Need a Map or Hornswaggle any Landlubbers to Find This Here Treausre Chest"

Dear Direct Marketer,

Remember me? I’m the guy that had the 3D Mail Results Booth at the 2008 Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in April. Remember?? The one who sent you that Treasure-Chest-Filling, 132-page “Definitive Guide to using 3D Mail and Premiums in Your Marketing Campaigns” a few weeks ago?? The guy in that awful bright gold shirt?!? Now I’m sure you remember me, how could you not!

But the Real Question is, “Why in the Heck is Keith Lee Sending Me a Treasure Chest Filled with Genuine Gold Coins??”

OK, they may not be genuine gold coins (but they are genuine plastic gold coins). I thought it was a perfect illustration of how you can literally fill your own personal treasure chest full of money when you use 3D mail in your marketing campaigns.

And no, you won’t have to find Blackbeard’s treasure map, round up a band of scurvy-fightin’ rum-guzzlers and take 22 paces south ‘til ‘X Marks The Spot’ to do it.  It really is much easier than that.

As Bill Glazer said during his “Outrageous Advertising” talk at the SuperConference, “people are bored and overwhelmed with the marketing they see.”  They want to be amused and entertained.  And it’s pretty obvious it works.  After all, you opened this package

and read this far didn’t you?

3D mail is Entertaining.
3D Mail is Outrageous.
3D Mail Gets Results.

We’ve been absolutely swamped taking orders from those who attended the SuperConference.  Things have slowed a little and we’ve finally been able to get our heads above water.  And as any good ‘Dan Kennedy Marketer’ would say, “That was good, but WHAT’S NEXT??  OK, let’s do it bigger and better this time!”

As you know, we ran some “Show Specials” ($0.69 Trash Can Mailers, among others) that were only available during the show and they’re gone forever at that Stupid Price.  However, I do have something NEW to tell you about!

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