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By Travis Lee

resizeWhat you’re about to read was first published in my monthly newsletter, The Copywriter’s Corner, and is also published in my 3D Mail Direct Marketing System.  To get more information on the newsletter and the System, visit this link.

When it comes to direct mail Dr. Nielsen is a legend.  The Doc has graciously let me feature him in this series of emails.  The first thing you’ll want to do is download a copy of his letter right here.  It’s a PDF that’s about 1 MB, so it may take a moment or two to download.  On Tuesday we’ll really dive in and dissect this B-I-G winner for the Doc.

One of the first items he used from 3D Mail was our message in a bottle mailer.  If you’ve followed Dr. Nielsen you know that when it comes to direct mail he’s tried just about everything and invented a number of Outrageous Advertising direct mail campaigns passed down and used by hundreds, if not thousands, of direct mail advertisers.   He is an extraordinary marketer who you should be studying and taking ideas from.

That’s why I had huge smiles when Dr. Nielsen sent us this email:

“Please send me another 300 of the Message in a Bottles (or whatever comes near 300+).  You should have my credit card info.  Thanks!  Doc Nielsen

P.S.: Of all the grabbers and mailers, the bottle has, without a doubt, received the most positive feedback. Hence, my re-order.”

After he measured his response Doc Nielsen sent us this email about his Message in a Bottle Promotion.

“…we make $2,055 for every $100 invested in this promotion.  And that buys some serious grilled cheese sandwiches for the family.” Doc Nielsen, Waterford Chiropractic Office.  I should note that the Doc lives in Wisconsin, thus the reference to grilled cheese sandwiches

Let’s dissect Doc Nielsen’s letter:

It’s a message in a bottle.  Who’s not going to open it?   But I’ll tell you Doc Nielsen is the master of getting everything right, crossing his T’s and dotting his I’s.  Doc Nielsen used live stamps.  I always love using live stamps whenever possible, even when using bulk-rate letters (Yes, you can use stamps for “bulk” rate, just about any mail house can do this.  Ask yours or ask me for a referral to one that can).  See the image below to geta better idea of what the Doc did:

The bottom on the bottle twists off so you and your client can open it easily.  Be sure to put “Twist to Open” or “Open Here” on the label with an arrow pointing down:

The prescription forms included in the mailing are also great.  Doc Nielsen does the little things extremely well.  Both prescriptions are done with a marbled type paper. One is an off white.  One is a muted yellow.  This is great for showing that there is a difference in the two prescriptions, and in thiscase there is a big difference – one is for the recipient, one is for a referral:

Look closely at closely at the picture.  Notice that Doc Nielsen actually burned the edge of the prescription.  It was sent from a deserted island!  Also be sure the check out the upper right.  An offer without a deadline is not an offer.  The expiration date is stamped in red on the prescription form!

Lastly, the letter itself.  It’s hard to see on the PDF version, but it’s lined notebook type paper that is 3-hole punched.  It looks nothing like any “advertisement” they might be getting.

The letter is part of Doc Nielsen’s continuing marketing.  Most, if not all, of the marketing Doc Nielsen does “comes” from the office ladies and they’ve created quite the personalities.  Read the letter.  It’s part of the Doc Nielsen Marketing Genius.  Doc tested this mailing with 200-300 mailings and when that worked he sent out 300 more.  The lesson?  Test, when it works, roll it out.

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Here are just a few samples of letters you can use to get you started using the message-in-a bottle:

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