Curing Your Follow up Headaches

By Travis Lee

This week I’m going to show you a case study of a very successful piece we’re currently mailing in our business, using the self-mailing Pill Bottle.  This is a piece that’s doing extremely well for us right now. It’s pulling around a 7:1 return on investment for us. This is a follow-up solicitation for first time buyers of 3D Mail. You’ll notice it’s selling our “how-to” kit of 3D Mail sample letters, “The 3D Mail Sample Kit and Sale Explosion System,” which I’m sure you have (Wait…. You don’t have it? Fix that immediately at

You can see the letter here. You’ll want to click on the link (it will open a PDF file). Be sure to read through the letter before continuing.

This is part of my systematic and automatic approach to follow-up with first time buyers of our products. I’m a huge fan of these types of systems. They’re what allow a small business owner the freedom to own their business, but still have a life outside of the business. How can McDonald’s, run primarily on hormone-enraged teenagers, with very little oversight from just-barely-competent supervisors make money year after, becoming the world’s largest franchise business… SYSTEMS.

You need to ask yourself what business are you really in. If you’re like most, you’ll say something like mortgage broker, dentist, restaurateur, coach, chiropractor etc. If you answer was something like this, you’re wrong.  If you’ve been reading my newsletter or have heard me speak you may be saying to yourself, “I’m not falling for that one Travis, I know I’m in the marketing business.” To that I say you’re closer, but still not quite there.

You’re in the list building business. There is nothing more valuable to your business than a list of names and contact information of your most targeted prospects and clients. You want to capture names and market to them continuously. As my Marketing mentor Dan Kennedy says, “Till they buy or die.”

While random acts of marketing can and do pay off, it’s always best to have a systematized marketing funnel, a series of events happening independently of any one single person. It’s where we see 3D Mail work the best for our clients. So what is a marketing funnel? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Marketing Tips Readers Only Special

The Pill Bottle Mailer has been one of our most successful 3D Mail pieces since we introduced it two years ago and they are 15% off when you enter promo code ”bottle”.  Click here to see a short video on how to use the pill bottle mailer and order today.  Below are links to nine different letter in nine different industries that you can use:

This is a great campaign if you’re solving a nagging problem that persists for many of your clients, patients or prospects.  This works as a self-mailer. All you need to do is fold your letter, affix the child proof cap, slap your mailing label and postage on the outside and drop it in the mail, it’s that easy! Or we can fulfill the entire project for you, just give us a call at 888-250-1834.

Check out the video here, and get 15% off through Oct. 10, 2014 at 5 PM Pacific when you enter the promo code “bottle” when you checkout.

To Your Direct Mail Success,
Travis Lee

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