X-Ray Film – Do Not Bend 3-Piece Direct Mail Set

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Actual Smile of 3D Mail Results Client After His First 3D Mail Direct Mail Campaign!

Sample Headlines

This 3-Piece Direct Mail Set Includes:
  1. X-Ray Film with the big smile and your custom message.
  2. 2-Sided “Prescription” with your personalized handwritten “prescription” on one side, with a “Critical” message on the other side.
  3. 6″x9″ envelope printed with your return address, and “X-Ray Enclosed, Do Not Bend” stamped on the outside of the envelope. We’ll even help you create your unique “DDS” for your business and the letter itself if you wish! (Example: Doctor of Dynamic Store Profits)

Note: Optional custom Sales letter (pictured) is not included in price.  Call for custom quote. Priced per set.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

Client Memo

From:  Dr. Keith Lee D.D.S. (Doctor of Dynamic Store profits)
Date:  Friday, 2:37 pm

“Why In The Heck Is Keith Lee Sending You An X-Ray To Tell You About This Incredible Special On A Point-Of-Sale System To Control Your Inventory,Give You The Management Information You Need, and Increase Profits?”

Dear Valued Client and Friend,

About now, you’re probably asking yourself the above question.  Quite frankly, I’d be asking myself the same question if I received this unusual package in the mail.

The Answer Is Simple!

You see, right now is very likely the very best time ever to consider a Point-Of-Sale System to help you control your inventory and increase profits, and I had to send you something very special to attract your attention in order to share my news.

Why Is Now The Best Time To Look At a Point-Of-Sale System For Your Store?

We’ve been absolutely swamped installing Point-Of-Sale Systems since the beginning of the year.  Retailer’s had a great holiday season and then we had the gift shows.  We’ve been installing systems about as fast as we could ever since.

Things have finally slowed a little and we have another month and a half before the Seattle Gift Show.  With the strong economy we’re expecting another great response to POS at the show this summer, and rather than be swamped all at once again, we’re making you a fabulous offer to get you started at looking at a POS system for your store right now.

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