What's the Catch?

Sample Headlines

This item has been discontinued by our manufacturer and is priced to move!  There are only 732 left in stock.  Minimum order of 96 pieces to get this amazingly low price.  Priced to move at $0.12 each (normally $0.21 each). What’s the Catch? When your offer is almost too good to believe, use this item with the headline, “What’s the Catch?”  Plus, as every good marketer knows, the more you get a prospect involved, the better your chances. Regardless of their age, your prospect can’t help but to play with this!

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“[prospects first name], What’s the Catch?  Why am I giving You a Free [insert your free offer or gift with action] with No Strings Attached?”

Dear [personalized],

I know it may seem hard to believe.  I’d be thinking, “What’s the catch?”  There are actually two reasons why I sent you this letter and am offering you a free gift:

  1. I have something very important to tell you and I thought this would get your attention.
  2. I really am going to give you a free [gift, appointment, etc].  I thought a great way to meet you would be to offer you a free gift.

My name is [your name], owner of [your company] and I can [your benefit (cut costs, boost sales, etc)]

About now you’re probably asking yourself why in the world I am sending you this letter.  It’s really very simple.  Once you know about us and [what you offer]… and once you talk with one of our team members at the show and find out that each and every one is totally committed to Make-You-Happy, you’ll want to become a lifetime friend and client.

[Your Company] is the Answer for all Your [Your solution]

Service --- Selection --- Price

[prospects] like you have been getting their [your product or service] from us for XX years.  Here’s just 3 reasons why they keep coming back.

  1. Get Everything You Need for [insurance, productivity, computer solutions etc]:  You’ll save time and money when you make one call to get all of your [everything you offer to make it easy for them to do business with you].
  2. You Get Exceptional Client Service: [add more copy to add to your great service]
  3. [add you 3rd benefit of doing business with you here]:  [add copy to reinforce your 3rd benefit]

Remember, Only Happy Clients Come Back,

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

P.S.  Remember, there is no catch or purchase required.  Simply [call, fax, call in, visit our site] with to get your choice of the 3 gifts listed on the enclosed coupon a

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