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Your response rate with this mailing will knock your socks off!

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This Local Glazer-Kennedy Meeting is So Impressive it will Knock Your Socks Off!

That’s Why I’m Sending You These Replacements

Dear Louise,

I don’t know why you’ve fallen by the wayside and are not attending your local Glazer-Kennedy Marketing meetings.  You are missing a lot.  But beyond what you cut yourself off from, this is something BRAND NEW that you don’t know about – a new exciting, networking, idea-sharing and business-building group meeting right here in the South Puget Sound made up exclusively of “Kennedyized” business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals all tuned into helping others promote themselves and their businesses to the max!

This local chapter meeting is led by two Certified No B.S. Business Advisors, hand-picked and trained by me, and equipped with an arsenal of tools to run extraordinary meetings.  A few comments from people attending these meetings from all over the Puget Sound are enclosed.  I can assure you, the meeting in your area is a great one!  And I’ve enclosed a SPECIAL FREE GUEST PASS that you can use as a first time visitor, to attend the next chapter meeting in your area… and bring up to 2 people with you, maybe your spouse, a partner or associate.

When you attend your first meeting, I’ll also give you a choice of one of my newest books – FREE – All you need to do is show up!  That’s a $12.95 value.  And Obviously worth more if ideas are applied.  AND I’LL EVEN BUY YOU LUNCH.  This meeting is run over the lunch hour, so not only will you get great information and great networking, they do it over the lunch hour so you can get in, get down to business, and get out, ready to implement!

Why am I so shamelessly bribing you to join the group in your area at a Glazer-Kennedy Chapter Meeting?

There are three very good reasons.

First, I know it’s lonely out there.  If you’re doing much smart, ‘different’ marketing at all, you’re looked at by everybody around you as weird and strange and in need of professional help.  If you have goals and are creatively pursuing them, you’re more likely to be criticized by others as a workaholic or ruthless capitalist pig than to be applauded.  Regular business groups, ordinary networking groups certainly aren’t the answer – a bunch of sad-sacks at a non-happy hour complaining.  Or a bad speaker at a breakfast of soggy scrambled eggs from the buffet.  Well, this is your opportunity to COME IN OUT OF THE COLD and experience a Totally Different Kind of Meeting….. a hybrid, combining a mastermind meeting with smart people coaching each other, a networking meeting with ambitious business owners helping each other, a strategy-rich and successful example-laden mini-seminar with great presentations, recognition of your creativity and achievements from people who “get it”… all under my direction, bearing my unique brushstrokes.

Second, I want you to meet some EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE right here in the Puget Sound area.  You’ll find your local business advisor and the people participating in your Chapter to be real ‘doers,’ living exciting lives and making giant strides in their businesses and careers.  Generous in their sharing with others.  Some can probably ally with you one way or another, to grow together… share customers or leads, jointly promote, whatever.  All that’s going on in a big way throughout this chapter.  I’m putting people together who “get” my success strategies – and the results are positively explosive.  If you can attend one of these Meetings and FAIL to meet somebody you are eager to get to know better and can profit by knowing, I’m a monkey’s uncle, happy to eat a toothpaste and peanut butter sandwich on stage as punishment.

Third, I feel badly that we somehow haven’t given you ample reason and motive to attend.  Obviously I’d like you to consider this meeting.  I want you to see everything new that’s going on for the Glazer-Kennedy Members too, and there’s a lot.  I thought the best way was letting you attend the local meeting in your area – free.

I frankly hope you’ll be so impressed, you’ll join them every month, start networking and growing your business, get in their Mastermind Coaching Group and much more.  But all that can wait.  All you need to do now is say “Well, maybe.”  There NO OBLIGATION and NO COST, just to join in this terrific Chapter Meeting.  (And pick the book of your choice as a FREE GIFT, my thanks for attending.  Yours to keep even if you choose to stay “lost” forever.)  And again, I’ll buy you lunch as well.

One teeny, tiny catch: you won’t get this over-the-top, completely free offer from me again.


Travis Lee

P.S:  To “re-charge” with a group of Kennedyized entrepreneurs before requiring to pay a stiff seminar fee, getting on an airplane, being away from your business for days, incurring a hotel bill, and maybe being in a group so large you felt “lost” there too.  NOW YOU CAN JUST DRIVE ACROSS TOWN and get together for 2 hours with a group of local entrepreneurs in sync with you, eager to share ideas, share “what works.”  There are 82 of these Chapters now – there will be over 150 soon.  The one right there in the Puget Sound is terrific!  See for yourself – free – as my guest.  And they will buy you lunch, what could be fairer than that?

P.P.S:  To attend your FREE Glazer-Kennedy Puget Sound Chapter Meeting contact your local Dan Kennedy Independent Business Advisors, Keith and Travis Lee at 253-859-7322 or  Too scared to make the call?  You can register online at and click on “Power Lunches.”

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