This Is So Important it needs to be Delivered on A Silver Platter

You are Our Top Priority, and We'll Be Sure To Serve You on A Silver Platter

Service so Fantical, You'll Feel Like Your Being Served on a Silver Platter

Sample Headlines

When you’re sending an important message that requires white glove delivery, use the silver platter.  It can’t be ignored by your prospect or client, and they’ll know right away you mean business.  The Silver Platter measures 6″ wide by 9″ long and must be used with a 9.5″ x 6.5″ or larger envelope.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“This Is So Important it needs to be Delivered on A Silver Platter"

Dear [personalized],

Why would [your company] send you a message on a silver platter??  Well… quite frankly what I have to tell you is so darn important that it really requires to be served on a silver platter.

<Pick one or two – then write a paragraph about it, such as…>

  • Can cut your costs
  • Can boost your sales
  • Can increase your productivity
  • Too many others to list
  • You won an award and need to tell your clients
  • You recently joined up with XYZ company for better results

You benefit from our good news!  You get [a tested and experienced staff, better service, etc] and we want you to enjoy it.  You’re the reason we’re doing this.  Our customers deserve the best and now you know you’ve got it!

But what’s more, you get versatility from [your company] In fact, you get to pick what we serve to you on this silver platter!  You can mix and match our services and come up with a unique combination all your own.  Your company is unique, why shouldn’t you get this served on a silver platter?

Call Today get this This FREE Gift [insert the gift, and include a picture of it]

If you’re one of the first XX people to call you get a free [insert your gift].

Give me a call today at xxx-xxx-xxxx and we’ll get you started.  If you’re still not totally sure and you need more information just call the FREE recorded number, 24 hours a day at 1-800-xxx-xxxx and get your FREE report [title of report].  No one will answer the phone and no salesman will call you (unless you leave a message telling us to!)


Your Name

P.S. Here’s what some of our clients say about our new and improved [your offering]

[Insert specific, outcome driven testimonials of your product or service here]

P.P.S.  Remember, if you’re one of the first XX people to call you get a free [enter your free gift] just for calling today, with no obligation.

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