Your Seeds To Complete Business Insurance Coverage

Your Seeds To Real Estate Success

Grow For Your Very Own Money Tree!

Your Seeds for Financial Security in an Turbulent Market

Your Seeds for a Healthy (Back, Smile, Eyes etc)

Your Vehicles Seeds To Success Past 100K Miles

Your Child’s Seeds to Success

Your Seeds To Complete Life Insurance Coverage

Your Seeds To Your Next Wildly Successful Event/Seminar/Gala

Sample Headlines

What’s really cool about the seed packets is everything but the image of the flower is completely customizable front and back.  There are even two dozen different flowers you can use, so if you’re not in love with an Aster Bouquet, you can even change that.

You’ll notice that if the recipient were to only read the pack of seeds they would get our entire story; the event, promises, speakers, and call the action, all on a pack of seeds!

Here’s another great benefit.  This 3D mailer will not add any additinoal postage cost!  The sample included with the 4 page letter, #10 envelope and the packet of seeds is just under 1 oz. and will mail at the lowest possible rates for 1st class and bulk rates.

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

Your Seeds To Success

Dear Friend,

You’re probably wondering why I’ve sent you this packet of Money Tree Seeds.  There are actually three reasons:

  • What I have to tell you is very important so I wanted to be sure to get your attention.
  • Since what I have to tell you is all about growing your business, I thought using genuine Money Tree Plant seeds that grow was especially appropriate.
  • I thought using a unique marketing idea to grab your attention was especially suitable since what I’m going to tell you about is how you can use the newest, exciting, creative, innovative, cutting edge techniques, ideas and strategies to grow your business.

Let me have a couple business owners, like you, tell you what I mean…

Marcia Elston, Samara Botane, Snohomish, WA - Attending this seminar made me realize at least 20 things I was doing wrong and 20 things I wasn’t doing that I should!  Wow, now my head is filled with ideas that will enhance my business with greater sales and customer satisfaction.

Pam Pitts, California Guest Services, Red Bluff, CA - In the 30+ years I have been in business I have attended many retail/marketing seminars and workshops but I have never had the opportunity to learn so much from such phenomenal presenters.

This is my invitation for you to attend:
The FREE, Retail Success 2006 - American Retail Supply
Client Appreciation Conference & EXPO
September 7-9, 2006 in Seattle, Washington

The event that has one goal and one goal only…

Increase Your Sales & Take Income

Here’s what I have lined up to grow your business.  My Dream Team of 10 world class speakers:

This entire letter is in our "Definitive Guide to Using 3D Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns."  Request your guide here.


Minimum Order 5 Case(s)

Cases Total Pieces Price Per Piece Total
5 250 $1.10 $275
10 500 $0.65 $325
20 1000 $0.55 $550
30 1500 $0.53 $795
40 2000 $0.51 $1020