Plastic Safe with Dial Lock

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Unlock to Secret Big Savings in your Vehicle

You Hold the Key to The Safe in Your ____________ Business

Here’s Your Combination to the Safe of Your Dreams

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This item is out of stock!

This item has been discontinued by our manufacturer and is priced to move!  There are only 24 left in stock.  Must take all 24 to get this amazingly low price.  Priced to move at $1.92 each (normally $2.75).

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.

“An Opportunity That Will Allow You to Open Any Safe,  With Any Amount of Money You Want.”

Let me help you fill this bag over and over when you learn the amazing ROI boosting power of 3D Mail.   You’ll have the combination to
any safe you desire.

 Hello again <first name>>,

It seems strange. It’s not often you get a safe in the mail. But if I’m going to cut the cutter and get through to you, it’s what I got to do. Plus, I’ve have something to tell you that’s so great, it can literally help you fill your own bank bag with money, and I thought I should let you know.

You may remember me as the guy you sent you the 52-page, Definitive Guide to Using 3D Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns a few week ago. If it hasn’t arrived, or the Virtual Swipe File CD is missing or broke, give me a call right now at 888-250-1834 and we’ll get you a new one right away.

Speaking of the Virtual Swipe File CD, that thing is literally GOLD! Each of our 3D Mail items has a folder on the CD. In that folder there are two critical files. First is a PDF. This has all the ‘specs’ for each item including the weight, approximate postage costs, and a picture on how to use the 3D item.

The second file in the folder is the one our client’s tell me they love. This file is called “Sales Letter Template.doc”. It’s a done-for-you, fill-in-the-blank letter in Microsoft Word. These are letters I’ve created for you to use, and they are all copyright-free! You can quickly and painlessly write a sales letter for your business in almost no time with these templates.

But even with all that turn-key, easy to implement 3D Mail letters, you still haven’t ordered. I assume it’s because you don’t believe that 3D mail is worth all the extra trouble. But you know what happens when you ass-u-me.

I want to take away all the doubt and risk

I want to take away all the doubt and risk, and make it so there’s actually money in your pocket before you ever have to pay a single dime for your 3D mail items.

Incredible Opportunity #1:

Pay nothing for 30 days! It’s hard out there as a marketer and business owner. You often need to pay tons of money up front for printing, fulfillment, list purchase, postage; the list goes on and on. You do this in the hopes that your mailing will make you money and have the return on investment you deserve.

I am going to take that burden off of you. When you place your order of $100 or more by November 13th, you won’t pay anything except shipping for the next 30 days. You’ll be able to implement your campaign and have the orders rolling in before you ever pay a penny.

My accountant thinks I’m crazy for making this offer. He told me he wouldn’t let me do it; that it’s an accounting nightmare for him. But he’s out on vacation until November 13th, so I’ll sneak in this promotion while he’s gone and ask for forgiveness later.

Incredible Opportunity #2:

A 15 or 30 minute One-on-One consultation with me. One thing I often hear from clients is, “Travis, I love your 3D mail ideas, but I just can’t seem to think of a way to make it work in my business.”

That’s where this consultation will come in handy. When you place your order of $250 or more by November 13th, you’ll get a One-on-One, 15 minute consultation with me to discuss how to implement your 3D item with your next mailing (A $75.00 Value at my current consulting fee of $300.00/hour).

But wait, I’ll even sweeten the pot… When you place your order of $500 or more by November 13th, I’ll double the consultation. You’ll get 30 minutes of One-on-One time (A $150.00 Value).

Here’s what you gotta do next

Flip through the Definitive Guide I sent you, or go online to and find the item(s) you want. In both places you’ll find price breaks, suggested headlines, and copy for your sales letter. There is a ton of copy on the Virtual Swipe File CD, including fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates you can use. If you go online, there is probably a video tutorial explaining how to use the item and information on postage.

THEN, give me a call at 888-250-1834 to place your order and pay nothing except shipping for 30 days! I’ll also send you your 15 or 30-minute consultation certificate you can redeem any time in the next year!

If you’re having trouble finding an item that works for your business give me a call. I can usually help match a successful item with your niche. Or, if you have your own idea and don’t see it on our website or in your Definitive Guide, give me a call as well. We can source thousands of items and likely find just the item you’re looking for!

To Your Direct Mail Success,

Travis Lee


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