Inflatable Beach Balloon

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Get a FREE Office Visit During Our 1st Annual “Fun in the Sun” Summer Sale!

You’ll be Able To Take a Beach Vacation After You Read My Letter

Hit The Beach This Summer WithOUT Hurting Your Retirement Funds

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This item has been discontinued by our manufacturer and is priced to move!  There are only 276 left in stock.  Priced to move at $0.65 each (normally $0.96 ea). This is  a great summer themed mailer.  You’ll want to implement this mailer no sooner than June, and likely no later than August for maximum effect.  Remember, with this kind of promotion we’re tapping into the Robert Collier principle of entering the conversation already going on in your prospects or clients mind.  The summer weather will certainly be there.

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Save 37% When You Add Your Car Insurance Coverage During Our 1st Annual “Fun in the Sun” Summer Sale!

Dear <<FIRST>>,

I hope you’ve had a chance to take a break this summer and enjoy the nice weather we’re having. If not, I’ve included a small beach ball for you to use at your <<HOME/OFFICE>>, and hopefully you can get a little ‘fun in the sun.’

However, we’re still here working hard at <your company>>. You may not realize this but the summer months are usually our slowest time of the year. Usually we just sit back and enjoy the weather. However, this year is different. We decided we’re not going to be slow this summer, so we’re kicking off our 1st Annual “Fun in the Sun” Summer Sale and you can save up to 37% when you combine your auto insurance with your existing home insurance.

How We Can Save You Up To 37% This Month Only

You currently have your home insurance with me here at <<Company>> and during the “Fun in the Sun” sale, we’ve been able to negotiate even LOWER car insurance rates with our underwriter’s.

You see, when we’re slow, so are our underwriter’s, which is bad for everybody.   I went to them and asked what they could do if my best clients (that’s you) were to combine their car insurance with their home insurance. They came back and said, “John, for your best clients (that’s you again), we can save them big bucks, but they’ve got to do it this month while everybody is a little slow.”

So What’s the Next Step?

It all starts with me personally reviewing your current auto coverage and getting you a quote. On average we save our clients 28% and up to 37% just by combining the coverage you’re already paying for. Plus, all your coverage is under one roof. Just one payment, one company, one contact (ME!); it doesn’t get any easier than that.


I can manage the entire process over the phone, using e-mail, fax or regular mail. No trying to wedge an appointment into your already jammed schedule. You’ll never have to leave the house! (Of course, if you want to come to the office, you’re certainly welcome.)

Here’s what to do … there are 3 convenient ways for you to contact me…

  1. Call me today at (111) 555-1234, or
  2. Fax me your current home policy “Declarations” pages at (111) 555-9876, or
  3. Send me an e-mail to

Combining auto insurance with home insurance qualifies you for our BIGGEST discount. Applying this discount can save you up to an additional 37% on your insurance per year, but you need to do it by June 30, 2011. Every day you wait is another day you overpay for your insurance. So, call, fax or e-mail me today.

John Owner

P.S. Just one more thing. Not only can we provide you with up to a 37% savings in your home and car insurance … not only are our rates among the lowest in the state … not only are we nationally recognized for customer satisfaction … but most of our clients have all their insurance with us because they love the convenience of having only one agent to call for all their concerns and questions.

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